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Safety Award Program


Excellence through Safety Program

In 1995 Nichols Trucking Company implemented a new safety program called Excellence through Safety.  The highlight of this program through the years is the standard which each driver is expected to maintain in order to remain in the program.  That is that a driver must go through the year without a preventable accident where the definition of preventable accident is as follows:

Ø      Preventable Accidents : The premise for the determination of these accidents will be based upon the American Trucking Association guidelines as follows:

Every accident in which a driver is involved shall be considered preventable unless and until it is established by investigation and review that there was no action which the driver could have reasonably taken to avoid the accident and that his actions in no way contributed to the occurrence of the accident.  For purposes of determining a driver’s eligibility for a safe driving award it is not enough to ascertain the he was not in violation of any traffic law or regulation.  The responsibility of the professional truck driver to avoid accidents goes beyond compliance with traffic laws.  He must follow the Defensive Driving Code: He must drive in such a way that he commits no errors himself and so control his vehicle to make due allowance for condition of road, weather or traffic, and so that mistakes of other drivers do not involve him in any accident.

We feel that this standard will not only allow Nichols Trucking Company to continue to provide the level of service which our customers have come to expect but ultimately inspire the driver to be a safer and more responsible driver.

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